What are forex rebates?

A rebate is a sum of money paid to a client or client in exchange for a discount, refund, or return on a product, service, or donation that was paid for or purchased. It is sometimes referred to as cash back or kick back and is often used interchangeably with the terms discount, reward, incentive, coupon, return, markdown, premium, supplement, savings, and bonus.

Many traders first think that there must be additional expenses somewhere else to compensate, but they quickly discover that there is no catch and that Forex rebates really cut transaction costs and enhance their bottom line.

1 How does it work?

It's all extremely simple. You open an account with your preferred broker through us, link it to IREBATEFX, and every position you close, whether profitable or not, earns you cashback. It's very easy. You simply create an account with IREBATEFX and choose a broker to trade with and if you're not already trading with one of our partners (our partner list now includes multi brokers and LP’s, with many being added on a regular basis). After that, you just connect your account for activation and simply trade as usual. That is all! Now, every closed trade you make, whether profitable or not, will result in a spread rebate credited to your account.

2 Why should I use IREBATEFX?

You can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month with no additional effort.

3 How much profit can I make?

Profits are limitless and are contingent upon your trading volume and the rebate rate offered by the broker. The more trades you make, the more money you earn.

4 Why can't I open an account on my own to earn rebates?

When you sign up with us, the broker pays a rebate, the most of which is passed on to you. When you create an account individually, the broker does not pay rebates.

5 When I trade on accounts created through you, who holds my funds?

Your funds are kept in an account with your chosen broker. We never have access to your trading funds; all we require are your account information to ensure you get a rebate on each trade you close.

6 Will my trading conditions change? (Spreads, commissions, swap, etc)

Absolutely not. Your conditions will remain exactly the same.

7 Are you able to access my account?

No, we don't have any access to your account.

8 Is it possible for me to have more than one account?

Yes, you can, either through the same broker or through other brokers. Please keep in mind that all accounts must be opened through us, in order for us to give you rebates.

9 How much does it cost to create an account with IREBATEFX?

Creating an account with us is and always will be completely free. We also do not charge a service fee.

10 When am I supposed to get my earnings?

Payments may be made instantly, daily, weekly, or monthly. The payment time is determined by the broker's terms.

11 Can I use my existing trading account?

This is determined by your broker. Certain brokers enable you to change your IB (Introducing Broker) for existing accounts, while others do not (in which case you can open a new account).

Each broker has its own set of regulations and terms. You may utilize the "Transfer Account" form to transfer your current (old) trading account to the IREBATEFX affiliate group. Account transfers are permitted for brokers who are included in our Brokers network with the phrase "Account transfer is allowed."

12 My broker is not included in your list of supported brokers?

We are always delighted to add new brokers to our network. Kindly contact us to find out more details.

13 Which methods of withdrawal do you support?

We support a variety of different payment methods. At the moment, you may withdraw your profits via bank wire transfer or direct transfer to your trading account. And also, more payments are added on a regular basis.

14 Is IREBATEFX a Broker?

No, we do not operate as a broker. However, we operate as an introducing broker for the biggest regulated brokers, who provide a comprehensive range of financial services for Forex, stocks, crypto currency, and commodities trading.