Services Agreement

General Provisions

International Rebate FX FZCO, is registered in the United Arab Emirates as a Commercial Broker, licensed by IFZA with (Ref no. DSO-FZCO-11016) and regulated by Dubai government with license number (12274) with its company registered address at 101, Building A2, Dubai Silicon oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (the "Company"), acting in its corporate capacity and bearing full legal responsibility, and the person or business that successfully completed the sign up form (the "Client"), together referred to as the Parties, have signed this Agreement (the "Agreement").

The terms under which the Company will provide the Client with financial and stock trading information, as well as intermediary services (hereinafter referred to as "Services"), will be defined in the Agreement.

1. Definitions

This agreement shall be governed by the following terms and definitions:

The sum of all services provided to the Client by the Company through the software available at and other Company-owned online sites.


The service's webpage is situated at

System: The software solution that is presented on the company's web pages or applications and is created and utilized by the company to provide services.

Account: The outcome of the user registration procedure, during which the registered user is given a username and access privileges to the system, as well as having their information properly documented.

Password: Any code generated by the client in the system or provided by the company that enables the client to access the account, start and manage any services offered by the company, and/or initiate, authenticate, action, confirm, or receive any payment transaction.

Personal Data: Any information pertaining to an individual whose identification has been established or may be established, directly or indirectly, via a personal code or one or more of the following: physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural, or social characteristics.

The Payment and Withdrawal Policy: The policy defines the terms and circumstances under which the company makes payments to the client account and regulates the procedure by which such payments are withdrawn. Client Identification: The procedure through which the client's identification is verified in accordance with the system's terms and regulations.

A Brokerage Firm: a legal entity with whom the client has established a trading account on the Service Website using the Partner ID.

Client Reward: The money received by the client for trading with the broker, in accordance with the broker's payment and withdrawal policy.

Client Payments: The procedures by which money is sent to the client through one of the payment methods accessible on the Service Website that the client selects and in accordance with the payment information supplied by the client, as specified in the Payment and Withdrawal Policy.

Affiliate Link: A one-of-a-kind web link that a new client uses after being invited by an affiliate to join the service. Referral: A client who has successfully joined up for the service after being recommended by an affiliate through an affiliate link.

Affiliate Earnings: Compensation received by an Affiliate in accordance with the Payment Terms for introducing new clients to the Company

2. Terms and Conditions of Use

2.1. The Company retains the right to engage other parties in the performance of this Agreement's duties, as well as to use third-party services to provide the Client with the Services specified in this Agreement.

2.2. All information included on the Service Website, including but not limited to software, graphics, and data components, is the Company's property and may not be distributed or duplicated at any time.

2.3. Mutual recommendations are expressly forbidden.

2.4. The Company shall not be responsible for any violations committed by the Client when trading on the Brokerage Firm's account.

2.5. The Company shall not be responsible for the result of a client's trading activity on a brokerage firm account.

3. Terms of Payment and Withdrawal

3.1. Payments

3.1.1. Client Rewards and Affiliate Earnings are both credited to the Client Account and shown under the Client Account Balance.

3.1.2. Both Client Rewards and Affiliate Earnings are credited in US dollars.

3.1.3. The Client's Account will be credited with money after all mandatory criteria are fulfilled, including but not limited to the following:

• The Client's trading account is established with a Broker who is a member of the Service's partner network.

• Within the Client Service Account, the Client trading account has been approved.

3.1.4. The ratio of the volume of transactions concluded by a client with a broker to the client's total trading volume. Earnings vary according to the brokerage firm with which the client has an account, the market in which the client wishes to trade (stock market or commodities market), and the financial instrument traded.

3.1.5. Client earnings are calculated in each case based on the information provided to the company by the broker.

3.1.6. The time required to credit client earnings to the client account is determined by the broker conditions chosen by the client and may range from a few seconds (after the close of trades) to one month. Client earnings are typically credited to the client account within 48 hours.

3.1.7. Affiliate Earnings will be 10% of the Client Reward funds credited to the Referral Account. Other payments awarded to the Referral Account are excluded from Partner Earnings calculations.

3.1.8. Affiliate earnings are instantly credited to the Affiliate Account upon crediting the Referral Account with the Client Reward.

3.2. Withdrawals

3.2.1. The Company will make payments to the client up to the amount in the client's account.

3.2.2. Within five (5) business days, the company will withdraw money from the client using the payment method chosen by the client.

4. The Parties' Rights and Obligations

4.1. The parties must comply with all requirements, terms, and restrictions imposed by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts. The parties agree not to engage in any conduct that may be construed as fraud, both against one another and toward brokers and other clients.

4.2. The Company must take the following actions:

4.2.1. Provide the services specified in the agreement without charge.

4.2.2. Credit money to the Client account in accordance with the Payment and Withdrawal Terms stated in the Agreement's.

4.2.3. Process Client Payments in accordance with the Payment Terms.

4.2.4. During business hours in the United Arab Emirates (from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. UAE daily), provide comprehensive information and consulting services to the client via the online technical support platform, Skype, and/or email regarding any questions or issues the client may have while using the service.

4.2.5. Avoid disclosing client personal information to other parties, unless doing so is an unavoidable necessity of delivering the services.

4.3. The Company retains the right to take the following actions:

4.3.1. Obtain validation of the client's personal information through the verification procedure.

4.3.2. Refuse to supply the Client with the Services and suspend the Client Account if the Client violates any of the Agreement's terms.

4.3.3. Take all necessary measures to protect the Client's interests in the event of a disagreement between the Client and the Brokerage Firm, save in instances where the Client fails to comply with any of the Agreement's terms.

4.3.4. Refuse to credit money to the Client Account and/or remove all or a portion of the Client Account's funds in the following circumstances:

• The client has violated any agreements, terms and conditions, or broker rules (as confirmed by the broker) • The Broker has decided to stop making payments to the company on behalf of this client in the future.

4.3.5. Delay the Client's payments:

- Within thirty (30) calendar days of any suspicious behavior that leads the Broker to believe the Client has violated any of the Broker's agreements, terms and conditions, or policies, - Within thirty (30) calendar days if the client has established two or more accounts on the Service Website.

4.3.6. Assume full responsibility and indemnify the Company for the Client's website or online resources, including any violations of relevant laws, copyright and associated rights infringements, trademark infringements, and/or violations of advertising and competition regulations. Additionally, the Client will indemnify the Company against any liabilities and claims made by a third party resulting from the Affiliate's involvement in the Agreement.

4.3.7. Provide the Company with all required information about the Client's Affiliate Program activities and results within 5 (five) business days after receiving the Company's request.

4.3.8. The Affiliate confirms that all clients directed to the company are clients.

4.4. The client has the following rights:

4.4.1. Compel the company to deliver the necessary services.

4.4.2. Require the company to modify the Client Earnings or Affiliate Earnings numbers if the client believes these amounts are incorrect.

4.4.3. Maintain multiple accounts

4.4.4. Conduct their own marketing and advertising efforts in order to get referrals (new clients) on their own time and cost.

4.4.5. Receive Client Reward on their Account in accordance with the Payment Terms specified in the Agreement.

4.4.6. Earn Affiliate Commissions in accordance with the Payment Terms of the Agreement.

5. Data Privacy and Protection:

5.1. The Parties agree to retain information about the other Party that either Party becomes aware of during the course of this Agreement, except where such information is publicly available, and not to disclose it to third parties without the appropriate Party's or their authorized representative's prior written consent.

5.2. The client agrees that the company may process their personal data in order to provide services to the client and fulfill other contractual obligations. The parties guarantee that any personal data collected in connection with this agreement will be kept safe and secure. Such personal information will only be used to carry out the terms of this agreement.Without the previous owner's permission, such Personal Data may not be given to any third party, save as required by relevant law and/or this Agreement.

5.3. The Client must keep any passwords and other personally identifiable information given to them throughout the course of this agreement securely and shall not allow other parties to access the services on the Client's behalf. If the client fails to fulfill this duty, to prevent such disclosure or impersonation, or if the client takes such actions, whether intentionally or negligently, the client must pay all responsibilities and damages caused as a consequence of such actions or omissions to act by third parties.

5.4. The retention term for Personal Data is specified in the Data Protection Policy, which is annexed to this Agreement. Once such a retention term has ended, the relevant party is responsible for deleting any personal data in its possession.

5.5. In the event that the client loses their account password or any other password, or in the event that such passwords become available to third parties through no fault of the company or the client, as well as in the event of a potential or actual risk of client account theft, the client shall immediately notify the company, but no later than within 24 hours.

5.6. The Client acknowledges that the contact information provided by the Client and associated with their account, such as their email address or mobile phone number, will be used by the Company as a means of communication and/or client identification; accordingly, the Client must store and maintain these means of communication and/or client identification properly.The client is entirely responsible for the security of their email and other connections, as well as the security of their passwords. Passwords will be regarded as private information, and the client shall be solely responsible for revealing such information and for any acts done after the entry of the account password or additional passwords. The company strongly advises that you remember such passwords and never write them down or input them in any location where they may be discovered by other parties.

5.7. The Data Protection Policy, an appendix to this Agreement, will also govern the security and privacy of personal data. The client acknowledges that they have read and comprehended this agreement and that they accept being legally bound by it.

5.8. The Company retains the right to reveal any information gathered about the client to law enforcement authorities and other government institutions as required by relevant law, as well as to assess if the client is in violation of the Agreement or other laws and regulations. 5.9. The client thus grants the company the right to take all necessary steps, directly or via third parties, to identify and verify the client.

5.10. The company retains the right to record discussions with clients over the telephone. The parties agree that any such telephone call records, communications delivered through normal mail, email, or other technological methods of contact, may be utilized as evidence in settling disputes between the client and the company. The client acknowledges that they understand and accept that the company may record any telephone calls with the client and/or their authorized representative without prior notice or warning (s). The company maintains records of telephone conversations and other communications and electronic messages received from the client for reference purposes only and does not disclose such information to the client. The client retains the right to record and preserve telephone conversations, as well as any written and electronic communications.

6. Force Majeure

6.1. The Parties are released from liability for partial or complete failure to perform their obligations under the Agreement if the failure is the result of force majeure events that occurred after the Agreement was signed and that the Parties were unable to predict or prevent through reasonable measures.

6.2. In the event of force majeure events that prevent the Parties from performing their obligations under this Agreement, the time period for performing such obligations shall be extended proportionately to the duration of such events and the time required to deal with their consequences, but in no case shall the time period exceed sixty (90) calendar days.

6.3. If the force majeure event continues for a period longer than that specified in the previous clause of the Agreement, or if both Parties anticipate that the event will continue for a period longer than the aforementioned period once it occurs, the Parties shall discuss alternative methods of fulfilling the Agreement's obligations or terminating the latter without indemnification.

7. Notifications

7.1. The parties must keep a close eye on their electronic mailboxes for new emails and/or alerts.

7.2. The Parties agree that any communication or notifications sent to the email addresses provided in the Company's and Client's respective contact information will be considered properly delivered to the addressee.

7.3. Any risks of unfavorable terms resulting from a Party's failure to comply with the terms stated in the Agreement will be borne by the Party that failed to comply.

8. The Agreement's Effective Period and Termination

8.1 Once the client creates an account on the Service Website, this Agreement is considered to be signed.

8.2. This agreement will remain in force indefinitely unless and until it is terminated in accordance with its terms.

8.3 The following events may result in the termination of this Agreement:

8.3.1. At the discretion of the company,

8.3.1. At the discretion of the client.

8.3.1. As the parties have agreed,

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